Reading a book, immersing yourself in thought while drinking alcohol, chatting, everything is free.
It is a space created with the idea of ​​"a place where locals and travelers visit".


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【PLACE】1st floor

花療茶店(KARYO-SATEN) is open in GUESTHOUSE Fuji to Ao the ingredient is produced by Satoyama Yasai, producer's company name, and Japanese tea is made by Yamahira-En, which also producer's company name They are selected vegetables and Japanese tea.

KARYO-SATEN have concept.
"Be the natural, and serve naturals"

You can experience organic selected food and tea in Japanese cafe style.
These food and tea is made in the foot of Mt.Fuji we serve local production for tourist and locals.

KARYO-SATEN has also lunch time menu
※You need to reserve for special lunch meal.

Onigiri (Japanese rice ball), and Miso-shiru(Miso soup) which uses selected local vegetables and Miso.
Pasta uses Tyaba (Japanese tea leaf,) selected vegetables.

Rental Space

We have the 3rd floor room on as rental spaces.​
Yoga / Entertainment practice / Meeting / Photographing / Meeting / Study session Circle activities / launch / alumni association / birthday party / mama party ...
You can use it with your ideas. Please contact us by phone for details.